Friday, January 20

My life is falling apart..

Did I use that title already? Oh well. It is crazy reflecting back over the years.. Crazy because I have honestly lost every aspect of my past.. Myself, friendships, "best friends", my old life.. Which is a good thing, right? Shed the old skin and start off new. That works for me. I am fine with that but now I am so vulnerable and so sensitive and so emotional and so much more.. I am not use to being the person without friends. The girl with zero text messages all day. The one who knows if she isn't hanging out with her boyfriend then she will be doing absolutely nothing.. I am not use to that..and frankly, it hurts like hell. I have been trying to stay strong and act like I do not care.. But I do. I care a lot. A lot more than I probably should.. I am not saying I am not happy with my life as it is now, I am just not use to it.. That is all. I love the fact that my boyfriend is not only just that but my best friend as well. I love that in all essence, he is the only person I need in my life. Yet, what if he can't always be there.. then what? Who am I left with? Nobody.. I am sure nobody can relate to this. At all. Just imagine a day where if your boyfriend/girlfriend didn't talk to you, you would get no texts, no mentions, nothing.. You can't huh? Because everyone has someone.. and I don't.

Like I said already, I do not mind the fact that I only have my boyfriend.. because in the long run he is always going to be here for me. But what do I do when I am lying in a dark room, crying my eyes out? Who do I turn to? Where is that friend that is suppose to comfort me? I don't have them. This blog is making absolutely no sense. I do apologize.

I am probably going to anger Dwight with this post.. but it is like he wants me all to himself & now he has me.. now what? I am emotional and we argue all the time. Not exactly what I am sure he was looking for.

"I don't want to be alone." That statement describes perfectly the whole drama of my night. I do not want to be alone. I am so afraid that at a young age, I am going to be forced to be alone. I do not want that. I fear that. Yet, I am constantly finding myself alone..

This blog is all over the place. I am not even sure if it all makes sense. I tried to stick to the point. This night has consisted of a lot of tears. A lot of music. Tons of quotes. And a tremendous amount of thinking.. I have thought about a lot. Mainly about my relationship. Like you all know, I want to be with my boyfriend for forever. Okay. I have stressed that enough.

.. I am going to just end this blog. Basically: I have nobody but my boyfriend. Right now I am feeling quite alone.

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Sandra said...

That's what my blog is for. When I have things to say I can't dare to say aloud, I do it here. Which is ironic because the whole world can see it.

Also, I don't get texts or anything either! This is because I choose not to text. Makes life a whole lot easier to me. Unless you're at a really loud concert and can't get in touch with anyone by calling... hahah :)

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